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            One Heart To Win | Goldencell held a seminar on the improvement of the management cadre's comprehensive quality and the enterprise's future development goals

            Published:2020.11.19 09:44 Views: Author:

              The warm sun in early winter hides everything ,Years precipitation aroma happy time .Seize new opportunities ,break-new-ground . November 9, 2020 ,Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Company held the "Management cadre comprehensive quality improvement and enterprise's future development goal seminar" with the theme of "open a new bureau together, win-win new opportunity" . Deputy General manager of the company YongWang conduct this meeting ,general manager XiwenKe、vice-general manager ZhonghuaZhou、HongLiu and other managers joined this meeting .


            Walk the Talk  Make general reforms

                  study the nature of things ,arrive at supreme goodness ;get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh ,Stick together and forge ahead . At the beginning of the meeting ,YongWang, executive deputy general manager, introduced the company's operation in 2020,Mr. Wang pointed out that we should keep learning ,accept change ,At the same time, we should combine knowledge with practice ,take responsibility . Mr.Wang stressed that we must pay close attention to the implementation ,improve the level of fine management .

                  HongLiu ,vice-general manager of the company, expressed expectations for the operation of the new industrial park ,General Manager Liu pointed out that it is necessary to push the equipment debugging at full speed and ensure that all processes pass the technical verification before production . In addition, Manager Liu emphasized that while the new industrial park was put into operation, the original factory should continue to maintain efficient and high-quality operation to ensure the timely delivery of customers' products。

                   Zhonghua Zhou ,deputy general manager of the company, encourages people to be brave in challenges ,face the new situation of the company correctly,Mr Zhou said the new production line would reach capacity as quickly as possible after it was put into production .We should constantly improve the business philosophy and team quality ,President Zhou put forward that all elite workers should strengthen their learning to "recharge" their future responsibilities.


            Put heads together Gambling all the long

                  Brainstorm for development, New chapter of One Heart and One Mind . Representatives from various departments of the company have come up with Suggestions for future development of the company,Technology Department staff Chengjian Han said that he deeply felt the company changed to a higher, more standard, more refined situation . The staff's consciousness of innovation is constantly enhanced, the production orders continue to increase, and the working atmosphere is harmonious and friendly.

                  Hongjun Zhao from the quality management department mentioned that as a new employee, I deeply felt the full enthusiasm of every Goldencell's worker, high-quality management and service. With the construction and application of the data platform and the sharing of quality information, the company has gradually realized automation and intelligence.Production management Department staff Feng Li made valuable Suggestions for the company's future development...We all expressed that we should overcome difficulties and concentrate on creating safe, high-quality and reliable products for our customers。


            Get rid of the stale and take in the fresh Jointly create a new situation

                  Work together and Improve execution . Keep learning to get new knowledge,Study carefully and work conscientiously . The general manager of the company, Xiwen Ke, made a concluding speech for the seminar,  Mr. Ke analysis of the company's current situation, pointed out that the company's development goal is the smooth production of the new industrial park plant, the realization of IPO, make efforts to build employees have a sense of happiness, belonging to the enterprise.

                  At the same time, Mr.Ke put forward the focus of his recent work tasks. With the "intelligent factory" coming into production, the company should strengthen the construction of talent echelons, perfect various management regulations, and further optimize the working methods. In the crisis,Mr.Ke hope that all people will firmly establish a sense of goal and crisis, unify ideas, raise awareness, be loyal to enterprises, unite and harmonious, and contribute to opening up a new situation in the future.


                     At the beginning of winter    Everything is gone    

            Good things will come as promised

                It gets colder at dusk   The garden is more fragrant

             Seek new opportunities through technological innovation

            Create a new era of win-win cooperation

             Read widely and use sparingly   to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength

             Keep is surprisingly  Steady makes the farther


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